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Candice Tavares

Candice Tavares - Dance In Motion
Candice Tavares - Looking Up.jpeg

Dance In Motion

Looking Up

Candice Tavares, professionally known as NoelleRx, is an artist from the Philadelphia metropolitan area, currently residing in Maryland. Candice creates wooden art and digital images that celebrate Black love, Black beauty and Black culture. She works primarily with wood stain to mimic the variations of brown in each personal complexion while also highlighting the natural beauty of the wood as a nod to the natural beauty of Black people.

Instagram: @noellerx


There is so much negativity out there and so many people profiting off of and constantly perpetuating Black trauma. I am excited to be a part of something that celebrates Black joy. Because in truth our ability to find, choose or live in joy in the midst of the trauma is both extraordinary and revolutionary.

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