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Introducing Bertha DeBlues

Jeffrey Felten-Green

Jeffrey Felten-Green is an award-winning artist, craftsman and master gardener. Originally from Connecticut, he lives with his family in Cheverly, Maryland. His artwork largely focuses on themes of Black liberation, Black Joy, and nature.

Instagram: @idomythang2021

Facebook: Jeffrey S Felton-Green


Fire and Bliss Creative: Art + Conscience

Jeffrey Felten-Green - Hey Miss Bea Haven, I see You!.jpg
Jeffrey Felten-Green - In Flight.jpeg

Hey Miss Bea Haven, I See You

In Flight

Introducing Bertha DeBlues

Why submit to BJIMP?

I am a Black man who finds great joy in creating, whether I am creating through my paintings, my wooden pyrography pieces, or in my garden. Some of my paintings have political themes or parody American culture. The ones that bring me the most pleasure are pieces that show Black people enjoying life and expressing themselves in their art, lives, and loves. 

In my paining, “Hey Miss Bea Haven, I See You” I wanted to demonstrate the artistry of two Black people, in synchronized movement on the dancefloor. They are coordinated and move gracefully, while they really “see” each other. The artistry of their movement expresses their joy and talent.

“Introducing Bertha DeBlues,” I wanted to share my image of a strong, black woman, belting out her music with the depth of her artistry and passion. The colors I used are vibrant, because when Black people create music, the environment is enlivened and joyful.

In my painting “In Flight,” I wanted to express the beauty of a Black woman dancer. She is uninhibited, reflecting excellence in form and in her art. She is confident and purposeful, full of grace and beauty.

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