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A Moment of Joy

A moment of joy by Keisha LaRue

Keisha LaRue

Born and raised in the DMV I have always had an affinity for arts and social issues. Early experiments with film photography sparked my photography interest; but I rarely saw the images that represented my authentic experience. Upon founding Photos By Roux I have been inspired to document, showcase, and appreciate the struggles and successes of those who are continuously oppressed in order to raise awareness and awe of their unique beauty.

Instagram: @photosbyroux // @trulyrouxx

Artist Statement

The purpose of this image is to transport the viewer to a specific moment in time; I want them to feel the joy and peace of that day to embrace the beauty of life in the present moment; the warmth of the sun as it warms us, the cool breeze coming off the water caressing our skin, and the sound of music filling our ears.

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