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EbonyRemain Da 1
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Why submit to BJIMP?

Black joy is my protest! I want to start off by saying this is truly a breath of fresh air to be attached to something so positive big ups to you for promoting our blackness in this light. My soul purpose of doing this joint was to show not only our beautiful black women but all women..... that we hear you, we see you, we support you, we want you, we NEED you. Women should be acknowledged...more! I wish we could do this everyday...because we can!

Remain Da 1/Kendell Wright

My name is Kendell Shanton Wright, born and raised in Jersey City, N.J. and I am truly blessed to still have life and be on this earth over 40 plus years. I studied my ass off for 6 years at New Jersey City University where I was able to earn not one but two Bachelor degrees in English Literature and Elementary Education. I have always had a passion for Media Arts and Hip Hop! I would be nothing without my wife and two children, they are everything to me. I believe love is love. I'm learning to embrace my journey even more as I live my life.

Facebook: Remain Da 1

SoundCloud: Remain Da 1

Datpiff: Die 4 My Notebook, U Got Damn Write Remain Da 1

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