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Why submit to BJIMP?

Kristian Cloud

LONGEViTY by Kristian Cloud
LONGEViTY II by Kristian Cloud



Kristian Cloud is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in Rochester, NY, and currently lives in Colorado. His work is usually if not always permeated with a deep sense of spiritual candor. He works in visual, audial, and literary mediums, and each of his works touch upon a mythically resonant renaissance. As an artist of life, he strives to continue to express his honest and authentic truth in triumph, grace, and love eternal.

Instagram: @Kristian_Cloud

I submitted to the Black Joy is my Protest exhibition because I love everything that it stands for. To be joyful is the greatest protest, because when one is joyful, they are giving all their energy to themselves, and they are the one who truly deserves it. It's the greatest 'protest' because it does not seek to actively engage or disengage the so-called enemy (which would ultimately be counter-intuitive, since energy would be given to that which doesn't deserve it either way). Rather, it seeks to love itself... and this is why I submitted. Because I love myself, and I love my family. In my peace 'LONGEViTY', the joy is clear and evident on my partner's and daughter's faces. The peace deals with healing ancestral trauma through joy itself, which is the greatest form of healing, again because love is directed at the self, rather than concern, worry, or any other feeling that isn't love, being directed toward something or someone that isn't the self.

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