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Kwame ካይል Edwards

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Why submit to BJIMP?

"Saddled Solace" is a non-fiction visual representation of Black people reclaiming their power and joy in an aggregately hostile modern space. BJIMP and this film align in purpose and passion for the amplification of positive Black narratives.

Kwame Edwards is a self-described aesthetic engineer. More specifically, he is an ethnographic filmmaker, sociology professor, international education advocate, HBCU advocate, music enthusiast, and African Diaspora cultural connoisseur from Washington DC. His film work specializes in the experiences of the African Diaspora, in order to showcase overlooked narratives. He serves as the creative director of KMATiKC Media LLC, based in Ward 8 DC.


In 2020, Kwame co-founded and currently serves as the Director of Operations for the Saturday Night Bike Club, with the goal of providing people a low-impact, healthy method of enjoying and actively engaging with the Black history Washington, D.C., area. The club has since grown, providing youth mentorship, hosting women's only rides, hosting inclusive bike inclusive races and experiences, bike protest actions, youth & adult bike giveaways, and partnering with local Black owned businesses and nonprofit organizations. He is also the team principal of an developmental amateur cycling race team, Them Bammas Racing, and an avid volunteer at the DC Bike Academy.


His undergraduate and graduate degrees were earned at Bowie State University and University of Maryland Baltimore County respectively, along with earning film school credentials from The George Washington University. Kwame is a proud member of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Inc. In 2021, he was voted as the People's Choice for the Made In The DMV 35 Under 35.

Instagram: @kmatikcmedia


LinkedIn: KMATiKC

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