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Parlayin On The Poverty Line by Yewande Kotun Davis

Yewande Kotun Davis

Yewande Kotun Davis is a Nigerian American artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. She grew up heavily involved in the arts, and ultimately chose visual art as her way of communing with the world. Yewande uses art, design, and storytelling for self-care and community care, utilizing her art to reframe false or inadequate narratives and reclaim joy. Yewande has exhibited in Baltimore, Washington, DC, Hermosa Beach, California, and Atlanta.

Instagram: @theresoluterose

we are the ones we've been waiting for by Yewande Kotun Davis
miss sue from alabama, her real name Suzianna by Yewande Kotun Davis

We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For

Miss Sue From Alabama, Her Real Name Suzianna

Parlayin' on the Poverty Line

Artist Statement

I believe that art creates space and opportunity for people and their stories to be seen and heard. I utilize my work to reframe narratives that have been inadequately or falsely delivered in the past. As such, my artistic subjects are often women, children, and those who historically have not had their voices amplified, let alone their storied told. While black and brown narratives are often stories of suffering, they’re also coupled with triumph, strength, resilience, and divinity. These nuances are often reflected through my use of vibrant colors, expressive technique, and attention to naming. My goal is to restore joy through storytelling and collective healing.

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